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While writing <,>,<=,>= etc queries in drill section, at the right hand side of query, we get popUp menu having values. But i want to have a value which is not in that popUp menu list. Is this possible? If so, how can I achieve this?

Thank you in advance.



  • Hello,
    so there are different input types there based on what data was incoming in the specified property.

    It can be number, then input would be any arbitrary number
    It can be date, then input would be calendar
    It can be string, then input would be dropdown with all provided values up to some limit (defined in configuration, by default it is 100)
    If this limit is reached, then depending on configuration it would either switch to plain arbitrary input string or searchable list.

    So if you have only dropdown with selectable values, without any option to insert arbitrary values it means that this property have not yet reached the limit of unique values and all those unique values should be there.

    Which means there is usually no point in searching for other values, because they basically don't exist yet in current documents.

    Hope this helps, if there is anything else we can do to clarify, let us know

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  • Thanks for the reply.
    For example : Let popUpMenu has values 25, 38,51,60. i want to write a query with entries >50. But i don't have 50 in my popUpMenu. whereas there are 2 entries greater than 50. How do I handle this?

    Thank you:)

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  • So if you can't insert arbitrary number, then it is not a number input, which means not all of passed values in that property/segment were translatable to number.
    And you still can select <> as operators?
    Can you post screenshot of this state?

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  • Thank you for the reply:)

    Let me explain the scenario clearly.
    I have a property called VolumeLevel(Number). Let a user set it as 10 and other user 90.
    Now I want to write a query to get all users who set volume level more than 50.
    How to achieve this?

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  • I requested a screenshot, because normally, this is achievable simply by typing number into input:

    So I am trying to understand what is your input state there

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  • I am extremely sorry. It was wrong from my side. I was converting float value to NSNumber before posting. Hence I was getting below popUpList(attached file).

    Finally could achieve this. Sorry for wasting your time and Thanks a lot for your quick help:)


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  • No problem, glad it is resolved

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