DateTime serialization for mock data injection

similar use case to that described in

Hi there, I would like to inject some mock data into the server to demonstrate to colleagues how real data may look over the course of a year. As this needs to have a resemblance to what real data may look like (in terms of event names for example) I am unable to use the Data Populator plug-in. I am told the API would be a good way to achieve this but I need some assistance. Would anyone happen to have a code sample / snippet demonstrating API usage to log events via the Windows SDK? I have t…

I can now get events into the system, but I'm unsure how to achieve the correct date/time formatting. I am using JSON.Net to (otherwise successfully) serialize a list of items of the following type in my POST

public class Event
    public EventType key { get; set; }

    public DateTime timeStamp { get; set; }

    public int count { get; set; }

Any suggestions or code snippets here please?

kind regards




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