Countly Analytics versus Twitter analytics

Hey there.

Has anyone here experience with the comparison of twitter and Countly Analytics data?
Even when using UTM tags the numbers differ significantly, as you can see in the screenshot. The left part of the table displays data from twitter, while the right part the countly Drill results. Does anyone has experience with this?




  • Hello,
    to me it seems that you are comparing different things
    Twitter data provides interaction with your tweet. Impressions on your links, clicks on your link, etc.

    But Countly data provides interactions with your website.
    I don't think you can compare them that easily.

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  • Hey.

    Thanks for your reply.
    I actually had the same thoughts in the beginning. But when using UTM tags, shouldn't the clicks on the link that get counted in Twitter be the same as the number of page views related to the used UTM tag?

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  • If they are unique clicks, then probably.
    If they are repeated clicks, it does not mean that previous session was expired (depends on SDK settings, but default was, I think 30 minutes of inactivity).

    Assuming time range for both data is the same, there are many other factors of discrepancy of course, one of the main would be
    Ad and analytics blockers (ones can block not only analytic libs specifically, but in general strip utm tags in url )

    You could try to check unique users in Countly, as well as check Analytics -> Source for traffic from twitter, etc to try to get the full picture.

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