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Is there a reason for using views instead of events other than the restriction of up to 500 events. Just trying to work out what the best use cases are for Views and Events and if there is a reason why we wouldn't use Events to also track views.



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  • Internally views are basically events with single key [CLY]_view and view name as segment, but when Countly knows it is a view, it can do more with it. Some of the perks of using views

    1. SDK can automatically track them, and even if you want manual, it is easier to call method to change view than to create an event
    2. Automatic duration tracking when switching to new view
    3. Calculating view specific metrics, like landings, bounces, exits, etc
    4. Tying up with additional information like scroll tracking and action map (currently for web apps only)
    5. Separate View flow in Flows functionality (Enterprise only)
    6. Separate granularity in drill and user profile information (Drilling views and last view user property Enterprise only)

    Some perks of using Events over views

    1. Customizable segmentation, you can add more segments and any segment you want

    I think thats about it

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