Dose countly provder the way to get the http Referer for page view event?

I want to get the HTTP referer from page view event,but from the Countly API the track_pageview didn't send the referer message.



  • Hello,
    that information is stored under Analytics -> Sources.
    But aggregated data is mostly not linked.
    For linked data, you need to check Drill functionality in Enterprise edition

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  • Hi,Thanks for your reply,so for [CLY]_view request will send the message for referer?
    I double check the request message on the below, the referer didn't show up!

       events: [{"key":"[CLY]_view","count":1,"dur":58,"segmentation":{"name":"/xxx/yyy"},"timestamp":1535955100561,"hour":14,"dow":1}]

    app_key: 2672dbd60e08551ff3b442b70a2749424da45468
    device_id: d7bea1a2-a22b-46a5-9819-ef5ddf9b91ab
    sdk_name: javascript_native_web
    sdk_version: 18.01
    timestamp: 1535955101127
    hour: 14
    dow: 1

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  • No, not exactly.
    Referrer only sent on begin_session, so on referrers that does not come from your website, but from other websites. It will be stored as aggregated data in Analytics -> Sources and as user property.
    Then with Enterprise edition, granular data all events will record user properties at the time when event have happened, so all events for that session will have that source as property and will be drillable.

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