Inflated Sessions

I am debugging a web with Countly sdk.
What would otherwise be a single 10 minute session, is being reported as 10 or more sessions of minutes and even seconds with the next one starting seconds apart from the one before.
It seems to me that the server (countly instance) is not extending the session when it sees a new begin session.

What would be the top 3 causes of this behavior?




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  • Hello, I think there is only one cause:

    Session cooldown on server is set too small
    So session cooldown is the time when new session cannot be started, but rather old one would be extended.
    By default this time is 15 seconds. If you send end_session=1 request and then send begin_session=1 request within those 15 seconds, then session will be extended, if after 15 seconds, new session will be started.
    You can check session_cooldown property under Management -> Configurations -> API -> Session cooldown (seconds)

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