When a user profile updates, does that update the user profile data on past events in drill?

I'm using Countly Enterprise Edition v18.04.1

I noticed the drill data includes a copy of the user profile:

    "_id": "5b356178c2e1e16608dc6bb0",
    "uid": "T",
    "did": "7911d464-6b9b-47da-a968-7116810149f3",
    "up": {
        "fs": 1514884017,
        "ls": 1514890310,
        "tsd": 360,
        "sc": 1,
        "d": "Unknown",
        "cty": "Williamsport",
        "cc": "US",
        "p": "Other",
        "brw": "Other",
        "brwv": "[other]_0:0:0",
        "src": "Other",
        "name": "Gwendolyne Stacy",
        "username": "1122464",
        "organization": "shield"
    "custom": {
        "shield-Location-Guid": "c6fb4db3-7338-45cd-9915-7171478ad5ff",
        "shield-Location": "Web Warriors",
        "shield-Department-Guid": "e335567a-971c-4ee1-ac13-a3cab5c1338f",
        "shield-Department": "Earth  65"
    "cmp": {
        "c": "Organic"
    "ts": 1514890310000,
    "cd": "2018-06-28T22:30:16.056Z",
    "d": "2018:1:2",
    "w": "2018:w1",
    "m": "2018:m1",
    "h": "2018:1:2:h5",
    "sg": {
        "Company": "shield",
        "shield-Location-Guid": "c6fb4db3-7338-45cd-9915-7171478ad5ff",
        "shield-Location": "Web Warriors",
        "shield-Department-Guid": "e335567a-971c-4ee1-ac13-a3cab5c1338f",
        "shield-Department": "Earth  65"
    "s": 0,
    "dur": 0,
    "c": 1

My question is, when an event sends user profile information, will it update the old events to include the new user profile info? If it does not update the old events user profile, are there plans to change that? Would that behavor be dependable?

As you can see I include the same data in the user profile as I do the segmentation. If the user profile updates on old events, I'll want to keep the data in the event segmentation. If it does not, then I'll leave it in the user profile and not include it in the segmentation data of the event.

What would your recommended approach be?



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  • Hello,
    no it won't be updated, it is specifically created to record user properties at the time of when event was happening, to provide historical drilling properties.

    So if property did not exist when event happened, then that document will never have that property.

    And the best practice is to provide values tied to user as user properties and values tied to event to event segments.

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