Viewing device OS at event level

Is it possible to view events based off OS? We currently have an Android app and iOS app sending events to the same bucket, and on the dashboard we can see how many users are on each. However when we look at the events, you can't tell which OS the event is coming from. So right now we have a set of default segmentation values that get added to every event, which seems a little redundant because I know Countly knows about the device the event is being sent from. Is there a better way to handle this or maybe something I am missing?



  • For this, you need to go to Drill (from dashboard), and do the following:

    1. Click on an Event
    2. Select your platform (using Platform key)
    3. Choose times, sum or duration

    Now you will be able to see event graph coming from a specific platform (OS). You can also click on the table and download CSV/XLS file.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Ah yes, thank you this does help!

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