Can't add Messaging-enabled Users using Xamarin.iOS Client


We used Countly Server 17.05 version before with our Xamarin App, we wrapped Countly iOS SDK by ourself for Xamarin.iOS usage, but it still have problem. Then we saw there is a new CountlySDK.Xamarin.iOS package on nuget, we think official version is better than our hand-made version. so we decide to migrate to new server version and client version. after change to new server and new client sdk, normal function is ok but push notification function is not working. I followed official document to initialize but after App started, no new "Messaging-enabled Users" on countly dashboard was added. I also enable debug log on client, I didn't see any error on console during client Countly initialization. Following is our environment:

  • APN set ready, we used same certificate on old Countly server.
  • Entitlement.plist set ready, we used this same configuration before for same App. aps-environment=development
  • Provisioning Profile set ready, we used this provision profile before for same App.
  • Countly Server: 18.04.1
  • CountlySDK.Xamarin.iOS: 1.1.1

I also tried to check sample, but the CountlySDK.Xamarin.iOS in this sample is old and I can't run it.

Does someone provide any idea for this Countly Xamarin iOS integration issue?




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  • Thanks. We are checking this.

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