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Going from community to enterprise



I would like to know if I go from community to enterprise, I could filter the views per countried, and filter the views if the user is subscribed or not.


Thank you !



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    Hello, yes you can. In enterprise edition we have a very powerful plugin called Drill (user guide, a blog post) where you can do this.




    If you have a custom user property for user subscribed or not, you can use it in a similar manner.

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  • That's great !
    We were wondering, as a startup company, hosting our own countly server, how much would it cost to get enterprise while still hosting our own server ?
    Is it cheaper if we host the server on our side ?
    Thank you very much !
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  • For those kind of details please use the Contact form in our web page so our sales department can inform you. We have tailored plans depending on your data volume.

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  • Thank you very much !

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