Automatic upload of Android symbolization file(mapping.txt) to Countly server


I am looking for any Countly support to upload the Android symbolization[mapping.txt] file automatically to Countly server via any Gradle script or plug-in support.

I went through the Countly documentation and found it's available for Apple dSYM file upload but mentions to upload it manually on portal for Android.

Also checked the uploadsymbol plugin provided under sdk-native but seems the maven artifacts are not available now.




Please suggest if there is any way we can do this or it's manual only for now. Thanks



  • Hi Vinayak, you were actually on the right track but our docs seem to be disorganized on this topic. Please see Automatic creation and upload of symbol files section of this part: 

    That plugin is used for both native symbols upload and mapping.txt file. You will need these in your gradle file:

    apply plugin: 
    buildscript {
        repositories {
            maven {
                url ''
        dependencies {
            classpath group: '', 'name': 'sdk-plugin', 'version': '19.02.3'

    countly { server "" app_key "XXXXXX" // same app_key used for SDK integration // optional properties for uploadJavaSymbols. Shown are the default values. // location of mapping.txt file relative to project build directory mappingFile "outputs/mapping/release/mapping.txt" // note that will be saved with the upload and can be checked in the UI noteJava "sdk-plugin automatic upload of mapping.txt" }

    You will have a uploadJavaSymbols gradle task available after these steps.

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  • Thanks for the confirmation Izzet.

    I followed same steps but somehow I was getting '' dependency not found error. 

    I will have a closer look at my dependency declaration. 


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