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Feedback & Ratings feature upgrade

Countly to provide the option to:

- set an alert to a user when a rating with x amount of stars arrives

- isolate users who give lower/higher than ratings 



  • In version 20.04, feedback data is added to Drill & Cohorts. Using Drill you can filter feedbacks based on;

    • Widget or widgets the feedback/rating originated from
    • The rating given using number operators such as greater than
    • Any default or custom user property

    From Drill you can go to individual user profiles or send a push notification to matching users.

    Using Cohorts you can create dynamic user groups based on rating they provided. Such as users with low & high rating, so that you can compare how users in each cohort change over time (Essentially, how the experience of the user base change over time).

    We have plans to add Feedback to Alerts plugin in the upcoming release.

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  • Once submitted feed back. The widget does not get reset. It shows as feedback is submitted. Any update about this,

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