Countly Capacitor IOS problem

I've integrated countly sdk into ionic 5 project which is using capacitor.

It is working well on android, but when I try to use it on ios, I get following error(with npx cap sync command)

Updating iOS native dependencies with "pod install" (may take several minutes)[fatal] TypeError: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined
at /Users/vasilijeabazovic/Desktop/Dev/neomid-mob/node_modules/@capacitor/cli/dist/ios/update.js:173:26
at (<anonymous>)
at /Users/vasilijeabazovic/Desktop/Dev/neomid-mob/node_modules/@capacitor/cli/dist/ios/update.js:172:26
at (<anonymous>)
at /Users/vasilijeabazovic/Desktop/Dev/neomid-mob/node_modules/@capacitor/cli/dist/ios/update.js:171:18
at (<anonymous>)
at generateCordovaPodspec (/Users/vasilijeabazovic/Desktop/Dev/neomid-mob/node_modules/@capacitor/cli/dist/ios/update.js:130:20)
at generateCordovaPodspecs (/Users/vasilijeabazovic/Desktop/Dev/neomid-mob/node_modules/@capacitor/cli/dist/ios/update.js:111:5)
at Object.updateIOS (/Users/vasilijeabazovic/Desktop/Dev/neomid-mob/node_modules/@capacitor/cli/dist/ios/update.js:30:11)
at async /Users/vasilijeabazovic/Desktop/Dev/neomid-mob/node_modules/@capacitor/cli/dist/tasks/update.js:65:13
✖ Updating iOS native dependencies with "pod install" (may take several minutes):
✖ update ios:
[error] Analyzing dependencies
[!] No podspec found for `CordovaPluginsStatic` in `../capacitor-cordova-ios-plugins`

I've tried removing node_modules and ios folder and adding them again, no luck there.

I see no mention of this error anywhere, any suggestions?



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    Hi Vasilije,


    Could you please inform me which framework are you using with Ionic?

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  • Found a workaround by manually creating CordovaPluginsStatic.podspec file in the capacitor-cordova-ios-plugins folder and running pod install.

    Is there a way to do this automatically? npx cap sync will fail without this.

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  • Kevin Alves I am using Angular 10

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  • Hi Vasilije, thank you for your patience.

    We are able to reproduce this issue. But currently, capacitor support is not added in Countly Cordova SDK. We have plans to add Capacitor support in the future on our SDKs, but for now, I'm afraid you'll need to add the Podspec file manually to fix this issue.

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  • Thanks Kevin,

    It is working with manually adding podspec, just a bit of a hassle.

    Looking forward to new SDK when it's ready.

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