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iOS SDK - Update host url dynamically after Countly init

We have a scenario that requires us to have the ability to change the Countly instance “host" url dynamically without restarting the application. We’ve been able to successfully accomplish this on the Android SDK, but we have run into a roadblock with the iOS SDK. From what we can see, once the Countly instance starts for iOS, there is no native way to change the host url or stop the initial instance from running. Ideally, having the capability to submit an entirely new CountlyConfig() object to an existing running Countly instance would be most beneficial. Would it be possible to have this capability added to an upcoming release of the iOS Countly sdk? We have some code examples of how we think that this could be accomplished as well. 





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    Hi John,

    I have already answered you via email, but I'll also post it here in case someone else has the same doubt.

    So, after talking to our development team, they have informed me that currently, there is no way of changing the server URL after the SDK has been initialized. They also have told me that implementing it will probably involve changing the server URL and not reinitializing the SDK with a different config object.

    I also talked to our product team and, as our Major release is coming, they have informed me that we will evaluate the possibility of implementing this feature for iOS SDK after the Major Release by the end of this year.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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