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[IOS] Support Notification and Feedback Survey Countly

Hi Countly team,
Today I apply notification and feedback, but I get some issue about it.

Firstly. I applied notification Countly for my app, it work well in foreground and background, but when I kill app or update version app and send notification from Countly dashboard, it only works fine in background while in foreground it doesn't show anything. I am very confused about it.

Second. When I apply feedback survey in notification and tap it, it work well in foreground and background, but when I kill app, I have got notification in background but when I tap on notification to show feedback survey, it not show anything.
 Can you help me how to resolve this problem?
Thank you in advance.



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    Hello, the reason for it not working depends on your specific implementation. Especially since you are trying to use multiple features at the same time.

    Therefore to provide any assistance, we would need to see all of your integration code.

    Another thing that would help would be SDK logs. You would need to enable logging in the SDK and the copy over all of the SDK generate logs while trying to test these scenarios.

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