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Event Duration Average in dashboard charts

Hi, I responded to another post on this subject but it was from 2018 and afraid it was missed.  So posting new.  I have Enterprise Edition.  In Events dashboard I have a setup where the count and duration are displayed in the charts at the top.  In the table at the bottom it shows count, duration, and average duration.  How can I get the average duration to show up in the charts at the top?  This entry below from 2018 seems to indicate the ability to do this would be added.  Can anyone clarify if that was done or how I can do this?  Thanks.




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    Hi Carles,

    Unfortunately, this feature wasn't added yet. We're checking with our internal team about the possibility of developing and adding this improvement in the next releases. You can inform us how important this is for you and we will discuss it.

    Also, I noticed that you're a client of ours, so I would recommend you to always create a ticket on our help center to get faster replies.

    Warm regards,

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