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Marking feedback comments as handled

Thank you for the excellent Ratings & Feedback feature, it's extremely valuable to have this information from customers and find out what's bothering them.

That said, the comments that arrive in the Feedback (Comments) section of the Countly dashboard are comments where users have deliberately checked on a box requesting to be responded to regarding their feedback: it would be extremely helpful to keep track of which comments in the dashboard our support team has handled and responded to, and which ones are new and need to be triaged still.





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    Hi lhunath,

    Thank you very much for sharing this feature request with us. Good ideas are always welcome!

    I do appreciate it and also have let our Account Manager team know about it; so they’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible, as feature requests are handled and followed up by the Account Managers.

    If you have any questions or something else to add please let us know :)

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