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Event limits and event segmentation limits

I have a question regarding following event limits "Maximum number of unique event keys",  "Maximum number of segmentations per custom events" and "Maximum number of unique values in each segmentation":

Default values as far as I have found them in source code 

event_limit: 500
event_segmentation_limit: 100
event_segmentation_value_limit: 1000

  1. event_limit: Do I understand correctly that you can have an unlimited number of actually occuring events (for example "purchases"), but only within a limit of 500 unique keys? 
  2. event_segmentation_limit: Do I understand correctly that within one individual event (i.e. one "purchase") the count of segmentation keys is limited to 100? 
  3. event_segmentation_value_limit: Does this mean that one segmentation key cannot not have more than 1000 individual values across all occurring events? Take, for example, an event with the key "purchase" and a segmentation key "customer_id" - I will only be able to store 1000 individual "customer_id" values?

Perhaps I have a principal misunderstanding of custom events. If so, I apologize in advance.






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    Hi Marc,


    That limitation is actually a feature to improve the performance of your instance. But you can have as many events or segmentations you want, the only thing that will change is that once you breach those limits, some events or segmentation won't be shown on the dashboard.


    But you can increase that value, of course. Just keep in mind that the more you increase the limit, the more impact you will see.

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  • Thank you for clarifying. So when I breach "event_segmentation_value_limit" (let's say I have 1010 when event_segmentation_value_limit=1000) I will only be able to see 1000 values in the dashboard but Mongo DB will have all 1010 values?

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  • Hey Marc,

    Sorry if I wasn't clear, but let me try to explain it a bit more:

    In an ideal scenario, the server would record only 1000 entries. However, since that in real-life data comes in really fast, you might get a bit more, like 1010. And most likely you will be able to see them. We don't really set a fetching limit based on this, but in some cases, you might not see some values.

    So in short: If the limit is 1000, the server should only record 1000 entries. BUT is possible that you see a bit more than due to the speed that it is recorded (but it's not guaranteed)




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  • Thank you!

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