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Timed event on different processes



I am facing a problem on my android app when I am trying to log a timed event that starts in a android service and finishes in another process, when it happens the timed event is not recorded.


Is it the correct behavior? Is there anyway to handle it?






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    Hello, which SDK and which SDK version are you using?

    What do you mean with "another process"? How specifically are you doing that? Do you mean another thread?

    Could you share with me your SDK initialization code?

    Could you enable logging and share with me what is printed there? More information on enabling logging can be found here:

    When starting and stoping that time event, could you check if the SDK is initialized with this:

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  • Hello,

    I mean different services where, even though, they are the same app the android.os.Process.myPid() between them are different.

    That is how the initialization is done:

    Countly.sharedInstance().init(getCountlyConfig(application, countlyAppKey))


    You can find here the log for the event: LISTENING_DELAY

    2022-05-13 09:29:01.521 5828-5828 D/--SPCH-ANALYTICS: com.speech.core:interactor (5828) ly.count.android.sdk.Countly@8b60d49 Start timed event: LISTENING_DELAY
    2022-05-13 09:29:02.467 5726-5726 D/--SPCH-ANALYTICS: com.speech.core (5726) ly.count.android.sdk.Countly@f952b6 Stop timed event: LISTENING_DELAY
    2022-05-13 09:29:02.467 5726-5726 D/Countly: [ModuleEvents] Ending event: [LISTENING_DELAY]

    The event starts on the process id 5828 and ends on the process 5726




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  • Could you please send the full logs? From the initialization of the SDK to after ending the timed event. I want to see the full picture of what is happenining inside of the SDK.

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