Notifications on macOS

It appears notifications on macOS are currently broken when `requireConsent` is enabled, because:

1. `[CountlyPushNotifications.sharedInstance startPushNotifications];` is only called during `[Countly.sharedInstance startWithConfig:countlyConfig];`

2. There is no way to give consent for a feature BEFORE starting Countly, consequently `if (!CountlyConsentManager.sharedInstance.consentForPushNotifications)` inside `startPushNotifications` always fails and returns immediately.

3. When consent is given for push notifications after start-up, the SDK does NOT re-invoke `startPushNotifications` in order to register for a token.

This all works on iOS because for iOS, condition (3) does not hold.  The `CountlyConsentManager` invokes `startPushNotifications` after consent is given, and the registration takes place, yielding a token.  For some reason, the process of invoking `startPushNotifications` after consent is given has been hidden behind a `#if TARGET_OS_IOS`, causing it to not get called for macOS.  I have no idea why.  This is probably the real bug.

Removing that `#if TARGET_OS_IOS` (`CountlyConsentManager.m::292`) would probably solve this issue.



  • It's also kind of silly that Countly currently only handles remote notifications by silently logging their action.  It should probably trigger a local notification or UI, as it does on iOS.

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  • Thanks for letting us know - you are right, currently there is a problem regarding consents when it comes to push notifications on MacOS. It will be fixed in the new release due in a couple of weeks, but feel free to use this commit that fixes the issue:


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  • Thanks!

    Are there also plans for presenting notifications to the user on macOS?

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