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Multi-Platform Apps

For Apps that have both macOS, tvOS and iOS counterparts, how do you suggest adding them to Countly? We have a Mobile and then Desktop options. I would like to track them as one and use the platform type to decipher. What do you all suggest? Is there an inherent different between how Desktop and Mobile process?




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  • Hello Matt,

    There are two strategies, you can keep them in a single app in Countly or you can have separate apps for each platform. Each has pros & cons which I'll try to give more info about below.

    Single app on Countly

    We recommend this option if the logic for the apps on different platforms are the same or very similar. Essentially, if the apps behave significantly different it is not a good idea to combine the data because the custom events you trigger might need to be different, the way users interact with it might be different etc. thus one platform can skew the others' data.

    If you decide that the apps are indeed similar in logic, and the events you'll define also look the same then you can go with this option. From the UI, in Enterprise Edition you have filtering available in almost all places including Drill, Retention, User Profiles, Funnels, Flows, Formulas, Cohorts etc. so you can filter out the reports for a specific platform whereas you'll have overall user, session, time spent visibility for the entire user base.

    Multiple apps on Countly

    With this option you of course have more granular visibility into the different platform editions of your application. Overview & Analytics sections in the dashboard doesn't have filtering capability so with this option you will get to see this data for each of your apps without having to rely on filtering in Enterprise Edition.

    In Enterprise Edition, you can create custom dashboards that show data from multiple apps, so you can still have a single dashboard where you visualize users & events from multiple applications.


    Just a note, different app types in Countly (Mobile, Desktop and Web) have different capabilities, for instance Web app type adds browser reporting whereas Messaging section is only available in Mobile app type now (Desktop will follow shortly). If you decide to go Single app on Countly way I'd recommend to mark that app as Mobile.


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