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In-app notification URL handling

It should be possible for the application to handle openURL triggers internally instead of letting the SDK delegate to `openURL:`.

It seems this should be easy enough to handle from `CountlyPushNotification`'s `openURL:`, but potentially even better would be a solution that allows application-level handling / overriding of the combo:

[self recordActionEvent:notificationID buttonIndex:buttonIndex];
[self openURL:URL];



  • Hello,

    Can you explain a little bit more what this is about?

    SDK handles opening the URLs specified in notification payload automatically.

    You want an option to disable this, so you can to open the URL yourself?

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  • Ideally I'd like to be able to handle openURL myself, to have more control over how to respond to them.

    1. Option of opening URLs in an internal web view instead.
    2. Option of handling custom schemes myself.
    3. Option of opening URLs in non-Safari browsers.

    Might also be useful to only trigger `recordActionEvent` after the user has made a certain decision (eg. chosen a browser in an action sheet, and not hit Cancel).  If you don't want to expose the `recordActionEvent` API, this could be handled using a block callback instead.

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