Properly track new user sessions when they are logged in

I need to see users list(count) which logged in to my app, can 'track_sessions' event handle it for me or should i use custom events for this? right now i can see only users count visiting my app ignoring under which creds they logged in(they are counted as same user), i mean if, for example, there are users using same PC but logged in with different credentials(like wife and husband) i want them to be counted as different(maybe unique if it is first time) users.



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  • Yes, what you need is possible out of the box without any custom events. By default we use device id to identify users but when a user is authenticated you can supply your own string (ie. user name, email) to distinguish that user. You even have the option of merging the previous anonymous data to this new user or not. Here are guides from some of our popular SDKs explaining how you can achieve this:

    Hope these will give you a good idea of what is possible.

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