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Missing some information about users on Android


I'm using the latest version of the Android SDK 20.04.2.

I successfully completed the SDK setup since all my custom events and view records are sent to the server.

Unfortunately, I couldn't obtain the user's information such as Location, Device & OS, Screen, Carrier.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.



  • Hello! It would seem that your server is not receiving metric sent from the SDK. Those are usually sent with the "session start" request. That would indicate to me that you have not added the "Countly.sharedInstance().onStart" and most likely "Countly.sharedInstance().onStop" calls in your activity "onStart" and "onStop" callbacks.

    In case you have, share your init code, code from those callbacks and code of how you record views.

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  • Got it. Thank you for clarifications.

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