Analytics Enterprise Version - Session and Bounce rate definition

Dear Countly,


1) I would like to know how the bounce rate is calculated in the dashboard ? What is the business logic behind ?

2) I would like to know how what is the definition of a session in countly and how the session duration is calculated ? How the session is updated ?


Thank you in advance



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  • Hi Arruran,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    1.  When a user starts the app with a view and closes the app with the same view while it also remains the only view in this particular session

    2. When the app starts or gets in the foreground we start a session, when the app exits or gets in the background we end the session. If the time between session end and session start is less than 15 seconds (configurable on the server) we do not start a new session but rather extend the previous one. Duration is calculated from the pings from SDK which usually pings server each minute saying that 60 seconds have passed so whatever value is provided from SDK is the one we use for duration. Also, we don't count time in the background as part of duration.

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