Flutter SDK integration issues on Android


I am developing Flutter application and I integrated Countly Flutter SDK 20.4.0. It does not show any events from Android device on release build. It shows for Android debug builds though. It shows events perfectly for iOS devices on both debug and release configurations. 

I tried to follow all steps mentioned at https://support.count.ly/hc/en-us/articles/360037501352-Technical-FAQ but I couldn't see events above-mentioned.

Any help is much appreciated.




  • Hello. could you enable logging and provide the log output from AndroidStudio's logcat?

    Could you test how the SDK is behaving if you provided your own device id to it?


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  • I added device id while initializing the SDK and received events from Android release build.

    As per the Flutter SDK integration documentation, providing deviceId in init method is not mandatory. I am not sure if documentation needs to be updated.

    Thanks Arturs. Appreciate it.

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  • Hello, providing a device ID is not required. The issue is that your release build seems to be doing some class name minifications which breaks the used device ID generation method, which uses reflection.

    Add this configuration to your application:

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