Incorrect IP Geolocation

As I understand it Countly should automatically detect the country based on the ip from the connection but currently we are seeing all sessions/visitors as being from the US. There may be multiple firewalls/VPNs involved but the VPNs are usually not from the US (i.e. my public IP is from germany but still shows up as US).

How can we diagnose this issue? Is there a way to debug the geolocation resolution so we can see what IP the server actually receives?



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    Hi Maximilian,

    Thank you for reaching out, Hope you are safe and well.

    Countly determines city names based on IP address as a default method. Some inaccuracy for city names may be observed for the below reasons:

    1. Some users may have used a VPN
    2. Some IP addresses are simply not correct
    3. Some inconsistencies in GeoIP database
    4. Firewalls stripping IP addresses from requests and setting local ones

    We have an option for adding the locations coordinates directly into the SDK,  however this option is only available in our enterprise edition at the moment :)

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  • Hi Yash

    Point 1 I already checked. Point 2 and 3 are very unlikely to apply to all users.

    It seems our customer is unable to verify point 4 at the moment so we are going to use a different service for geolocation.

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