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Real Time/Live Reports - Active users right now

A feature we are after is a real time breakdown of users on our site/app right now. 

This is what Google Analytics has on their Dashboard.

Google Analytics also has a ton of real time reports:

A simple MVP real time feature that would meet our needs would be 

  • Active users right now
  • Pages they are on
  • Location (city detail)

I believe the closest thing is hourly data in Countly right now. I know it is real time in the sense that the data, however, the smallest time period is 1 hour.

It would be nice to define Active users as a visit in the past 10 min (or have this user definable).

We would like this data so we know how many users are active, so we can decide if we should proceed with a deployment.

Thanks for listening



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    Hi James,

    Thank you for reaching out, hope you are safe and well.

    To answer your questions,

    • Active users right now - Is available in our Enterprise Edition.
    • Pages they are on - Not available in Realtime but we also track page views.
    • Location (city detail) - Is available in our Enterprise Edition.


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