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coming from excel based dashboards

my orginization uses extensive microsoft excel dashboards but as you know they have their limits, so we are looking for alternatives to take our companies data dashboards to the next level can coutly be that application for us? also is it possible to import data from excel sheets in coutly ? i am sorry if this seem a lame question i have no idea about countly.





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    Hi Faisal,

    My sincerest apologies for the late reply. I hope you’re well.

    Countly is the best analytics platform to understand and enhance customer journeys in web, desktop, and mobile applications. We securely process billions of data points every day in the cloud and on-premises in order to help companies across the globe grow their business.

    You can read more about our product here: https://count.ly/product

    So if you want to track your customer journey within your product, have world-class insights and meaningful data analytics, Countly is the best choice for you, doubtless.

    Please let us know if this helps.

    Best regards,

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