Length of time in a cohort graph

In a cohort page, we currently have the number of users, and the number of users joining and leaving a cohort over time.


I am interested in how long the users currently in the cohort have been there.  This will help me know if there is a constant turn over of users in the cohort, or is there a core of users who enter the cohort and never leave.

One way to do this would be to add a third graph of 'time in cohort' to the top section.  Or add it as an option in the bottom section.  However in the bottom section it would have to be a full spread of time in cohort, not just the top 3 as is available at the moment.



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    Hello Jonathan,

    I hope you’re safe and well.

    Thank you for sharing your improvement idea, we really appreciate it I have shared your request with Andreas, your AM, and he’ll get in touch with you soon.




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