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Double entries in Page views

We see double entries in the Page views report for each visited page. One of the entries has the values for the visits, visitors and avg. time. The second entry has the values for exits and bounces. In addition Landings values are never recorded. 

Our javascript configuration:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.Countly = {};
Countly.q = Countly.q || [];
Countly.app_key = '59f3d--------------------3a437a0ee';
Countly.url = '/ca/countly';
Countly.q.push(['user_details', {
"custom": {
"merchantName": 'TestMerchant',
"accountType" : 'Psp',
(function() {
try {
require(['countly'], function() {
} catch (e) {
console.error(new Error(e))

Questions we have:
1. Why there are two entries per visited page?
2. Why the metrics are split in two - the first entry has the visits, visitors and avg. time and the second - bounces and exits?
3. Why there are no values for Landings?


  • Hello,

    This is a bug and it has now been fixed. Please upgrade to the latest version of countly.
    If the app that you are using is simply a test app, i would suggest to start over with latest countly version installed on the server because that would be easy.
    If that is not the case, we'll try to help you with fixing the data.


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  • Hi Prikshit,


    Thanks for your reply. We updated to v20.11.2 and double entries for page views are fixed. 

    After the update, there is another issue - in all dashboards the Page views widget now shows hashes instead of page URLs. Why is that and how to fix it?


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  • Hello,

    Did you clear out old data before adding new?
    Did you add new data via API requests or maybe did some inserts?
    It happens because it can't match view name with id. And it might be looking like that if there is something old left that can't be matched.
    If you create new app and populate with random data, do you see problem?

    It could be because:
    1) app_viewsmeta[APP_ID] is missing those names
    2)app_viewdata[Hash] doesn't have right  value in vw to match(It has to be object ID)

    Fastest way for me to determine why they are like that would be - if you could export that app(via data migration) and then I could see what doesn't match. (If it is no secret).

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