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Stopping Countly

Especially with the current focus on user privacy, I am looking for a way to turn off Countly when certain events happen.

For example, I may want to turn off Countly when a user enters a certain secure location, leaves the country, or wants to go into "incognito mode".

It would be great if there was a method in `Countly.h` that allowed me to stop countly, next to the current method for starting it, as well as perhaps a way to see if Countly is currently running.

I do not want to use the consent framework for this since temporarily turning countly on/off is not the same thing as a user revoking their consent for tracking, and I do not want to clutter my analytics data on the server with noisy unrelated consent revokes.



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    Currently there is no functionality to "pause" SDK execution after it has been initialised.

    A similar effect could be achieved if your tracked sessions and views manually. Though crashes would still be caught. You would also not record any events or use other manual functionality if it was in that special state.

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