How to access countly dash board?

I'm a Unity Game developer and I wanted to integrate Countly as an analytic tool for my game, here I have some few uncleared doubts.

1. From where I can get the "ServerUrl" and "AppKey" for my game? (if there I any link please do provide me, or is I have to do the server setup first to get these 2 values?)

2. From where I can register my app in the Countly dashboard?, currently I haven't got any link for that, and also for accessing my dashboard or for registering my app should I set up my server or should I purchase Countly enterprise server resource?

3. Is there any way to test Countly without purchasing Enterprice or community server resources for Unity games?

4. And also in the Unity SDK documentation, they're saying it is out of date, and also whatever the folder hierarchy mentioned in that doc is not the same as what we got in the package. so is there any updated doc for Countly SDK integration for Unity?.

Please try to address all these queries as soon as possible.



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  • Hi Sudarshan,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    The "ServerUrl" and "AppKey" can only be obtained after you have access to Countly Server. You can sign up for a Countly enterprise edition trial from here so you can get an AppKey to be used to be used in your game.

    Please refer this document on Unity SDK for the info you are looking for, this document however is still a work in progress which is why not yet published under our other SDK docs.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

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