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Nodejs Notifications

I want to implement 2 things

1) Create an npm module `pushNotification(<channel-ID>, <message-Content>)` which will be exported service for the app. To trigger a notification whenever a certain action occurs.

2) A Get call `notification/channel-ID` to get all notifications for a certain action.

3) All the push notifications will be on a web app.

My questions:

1- Is that available on Countly?

2- If yes, Could you please share documentation? I want to trigger notifications from the backend all I have found was events for analytics.

 3- How the notification system integration works in general? I am struggling with the documentation https://support.count.ly/hc/en-us where should I found the push-notification community edition? 
4- I found the reference APIs to push notifications https://api.count.ly/reference#ipushescreate is it a good practice to communicate the API as external third parity? or we have a better solution?



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