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Data Points / Metrics Collected


I'm working on our privacy policy and need to know exactly which data points / metrics Countly's SDK collects as part of its operations, ideally in detail and not in the form of generic categories.

I found this: https://support.count.ly/hc/en-us/articles/360037875271-iOS-SDK-FAQ#what-data-metrics-is-collected-by-countly-ios-sdk

However, it does not appear to be complete.  For instance, it doesn't mention about events, push notification identifiers, device identifiers (eg. IDFV), etc.  That makes this section quite misleading at this time, supposedly suggesting the SDK collects a whole lot less than it actually does.

Could I get a current and complete list of data captured by the SDK so that I can fulfill the requirements under law and formulate a complete and transparent privacy policy for my product?

Thank you.



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    We're sorry, it took us some time to get back to you.

    New posts on Countly Community Forum don't need manual approval but the content moderation system marked his post as spam for some unknown reason and we only found out about this after you sent us an email. We have disabled the system so this doesn't happen again.

    The data that is collected by the iOS SDK depends on what features are used.

    * When sending network requests to the server, the following things are sent in addition to the main data:
     - Timestamp of when the request is created
     - Current hour
     - Current day of week
     - Current timezone
     - SDK version
     - SDK name

    * If sessions are used then it would record the session start time, end time, and duration

    * If sessions are used then also device metrics are collected which contains:
     - Device model
     - Device type (phone, tablet, etc)
     - Screen resolution
     - Screen density
     - OS name
     - OS version
     - App version
     - Locale identifier
     - Carrier Name
     - If the app has a watch app (if the tracking of this is enabled)
     - If the watch app has been installed (if the tracking of this is enabled)

    * The current device orientation

    * When generating a device ID, if no custom ID is provided, the SDK will use IDFV for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS devices, and a random value for macOS

    * If push notifications are used:
     - The devices push notification token
     - If the user clicks on the notification then the time of the click and on which button the user has clicked on

    * If automatic view tracking is enabled, it will collect the "UIViewController" title when that view is shown

    * If feedback or rating widgets are used, it will collect the user's input and time of the widgets completion

    * When events are recorded, the time of when the event is recorded, will be collected

    * If the consent feature is used, the SDK will collect and send what consent has been given to the SDK or removed from the SDK

    * If crash tracking is enabled, it will collect the following information at the time of the crash:

     - OS name
     - OS version
     - Device model
     - Device architecture
     - Device resolution
     - App version
     - App build number
     - Executable name
     - Time of the crash
     - Crash stack trace
     - Error description
     - Total RAM
     - Currently used RAM
     - Total disk size
     - Currently used disk size
     - Device battery level
     - Device orientation
     - If there is a network connection
     - If the app is in the background
     - How long has the application been running
     - If the device has been rooted
     - Binary images used in the app
     - Executable build UUID
     - Executable load address

    Any other information like data in custom events, location, user profile information, or other manual requests depends on what the developer decides to provide and is not collected by the SDK itself.

    Let us know should you have more questions.

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  • Excellent response, much appreciated Subodh Jumle!

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