Sessions per user seems too high

Hi there,

When I go over the session per user in the community addition I notice that the sessions per user is very high and i can't explain it with my app functionality. it seems unlikely to me that a user will make over 500 sessions per day in my app, for example. is there any technical explanation of how and why this can happen?

Thanks a lot



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    Hi Uriah,

    This could happen if the implementation of the SDK is incorrect.

    Could you tell us which SDK are you using, the version of that SDK and the init block.

    We would also like to see the code showing how you define sessions.

    Best regards,

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  • Hi and thanks for replying,

    we use Countly Sdk ver - 18.04
    we don't have a line code to start a session, we let the SDK handle it automatilcly

    can you please help explore this issue?




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  • Hi Uriah,

    Even if you do not have a line code for it, we still need the init block to check what is causing the issue and assist you further.

    Please also let us know if you put our "onStart" and "onStop" calls in all of your activities.

    Also, Could you tell me how your app is behaving if you replace this line:

    'Intent notificationIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse("wuerth://"));'


    'Intent notificationIntent = null'

    in 'FirebaseMessagingServiceImpl' 

    Best regards,

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