Edit the Drill behind a report

It would be nice to be able to edit the Drill behind a report.


I am using reports, and putting them on the Dashboard.  After a while I decide to change the report (time period, exclude NA etc)

Best I can see, to do this I need to go back to drill and get my bookmark, then change it and save as a new bookmark (with a new name) then create a new report (with a new name) and then create the widget again.


It would be nice to be able to go into the report, open up the drill for that report as if it was a bookmark, edit it, and have the widget and report update, rather than replace.


Or make it so that report names are unique, and save the drill with the name of an existing report replaces the report, and everything else picks it up. 



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    Hi Jonathan,

    I hope you're doing great since the last time we spoke.

    Thank you for sharing your improvement idea, we really appreciate it. I have shared your request with Selman, your Account Manager. He will get in touch with you soon.




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