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Clarification about language user property

We have one of our apps that Countly says only has English language users. We're currently unable to verify that independently, but all of our other apps show multiple languages. Is there any way Countly can say 100% of users use English if that isn't true? Could it be a configuration missing from the API or our setup?



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    Hi Daryl, In most cases, this reported metric is not the app's metric, but actually a device setting. For example, selected device language or browser language.

    This can occur if your SDK is overriding the default property of the device language. Could you please check if your SDK is properly sending the default values?

    Could you also inform me:
    1. Which SDK are you using? (Android SDK, React Native SDK, Cordova SDK, Web SDK, and so on)
    2. Which SDK version are you using?

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