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Countly vs Yandex

We have used Metrica Yandex for the tracking tool, but suddenly we missed some data for 3 days, this problem cause us to think to find an alternative but self-hosted alternative thus I found the country as a good option but I have one question.

Yandex has an amazing structure for the event(Please check the attachment). Now my question is country have this option the same as Yandex?

On Yandex, we can send nested data as a session parameters.
If it's possible to have this, is amazing for us. thanks for helping us.



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    Hi Amin,

    Thank you for considering switching to Countly!

    Countly is a complete analytics platform with a powerful set of tools suitable for every situation. So yes, we can track the actions a user performed during a session. To have a better idea of how it looks (comparing with the image you sent) for a specific user, you can check this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDQ7kOdJN0I&t=45s

    Also, using plugins like Drill and/or Formulas, you can easily slice and dice the collected data to generate meaningful reports about your product.

    Note: To see how Countly works, you can also refer to this article.

    If you still have any questions regarding our product, please let me know.


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